Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jare!

27 is certainly a great age to celebrate! After all it is a lot cooler than 26 according to you, its the Hipper age. What a great year we had, definatly not the easiest year :) but so many great times. You are such a wonderful father and husband. You are the cool laid back character me and your fiery Rooster need. Thanks for all your hard work and love and support, WE love you!!!!


devinandamie said...

oh man, I was feeling good about my decision to keep the kids home this time instead of following Devin to Chicago, but then I looked at your blog and am regretting my decision. Thanks a lot!

Wrigley is one of the funniest girls ever. I just get the biggest kick out of that look in her eyes. Oh well, maybe in October. It will be super pretty in Chicago.. maybe I can take some pretty pictures. :)

Cache still asks about "basco" in "shhheee ca go"

Hilarie* said...

Happy birthday Jared!! What a cute family you have!! Thanks for keeping in touch with famil in Oregon! They enjoy hearing from you!