Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Weekend

This picture is to prove that I do brush Wrigleys hair, its just that by hour one of her being up it ends up cray again! I cant control it, but I do try!!!
This is Determined Lala... Latel she loves climbing stairs we just go up and down and up and down and up and down.. I can't wait for this stage of hers to be over!

This is Lala in action.

This is what we spend most of the rest of the day doing going through cupboards and drawers, taking things out and then putting them back in.

This is morning Lala, she loves to chug water first thing in the morning shes like a camel.

Wrigley has figured out that I bring my purse around everywhere so she has started stashing her stuff in my purse. I have found this bottle of syrup in my bag about 5 times this weekend. She also puts her blankies, crackers, and toys in there, and of course binkies.


Karli said...

I love that she puts stuff in your purse lol. She is so cute and so smart! What a funny girl! I CAN'T wait to see you guys!

devinandamie said...

oh man, that syrup in your purse is killer. as long as I have my syrup with me, it's gonna be a good day.haha!


Jennie said...

We have the same problem.

Dan the Man said...

Yea, sounds all too familiar. We keep the syrup far from JZ's hands though. :)